Meet the Twin Advisers

For over a decade, Jay and Justin Brown have provided top tier real estate service to many throughout the Omaha Metro.This continues today and now they’re bringing this same knowledge and dedication to the insurance sector.  Whether you're searching for health or life policies, you can now utilize the same local source that has been assisting area residents and families for years.

Experience a holistic approach from home and health with a couple of brothers born and raised in Omaha.

Jay Brown

Jay is the self proclaimed first twin with 5 more minutes of experience in this life. He first found his intrigue with real estate reading a Robert Kiyosaki book titled "Rich Dad Poor Dad"...Read More

Justin Brown

Twin one reminds him of this title often. In college, Justin didn't know what direction he wanted to go with his career until taking a real estate principal and practices class...Read More

Meet The Team

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